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Dental bridges

If you've sustained damage to multiple teeth together then a bridge is often the remedy. To enquire about our dental bridges, get in touch with our team at Armada Dental Surgery in Plymouth to make an appointment.

Why a dental bridge?

If you struggle when it comes to chewing food, a bridge can help solve the problem. And it also delivers on looks too.

We use a range of precious metals when it comes to bridge bases because they're tough and last a long time. And if the bridge is going to be implemented in a part of the mouth that's on show, we can add a touch of porcelain to give it that all-natural finish. At the end of it all, you've got a perfect set of teeth that deliver on both practical and aesthetic levels.

Dental Bridge
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Adding a bridge

First and foremost, the teeth affected must be prepared, which may incorporate a reduction in size. Once the teeth are prepped, an impression will be made and the bridge will be manufactured by technicians based on that impression. Should the bridge be a good fit, it'll be cemented into place.

Dental bridges

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