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Dental crowns

If an individual tooth needs some restorative work then our team at Armada Dental Surgery in Plymouth can oblige.

Let's rescue that tooth

Whether it's taken a knock, deteriorated through decay or simply become discoloured due to a filling, a dental crown can be the perfect fix.

A crown is a restorative piece of dentistry whereby a cap is used to help restore a tooth that's seen better days. It can be used to restore a natural look to your teeth, bolster a tooth after a root canal and even act as a hold for a bridge or set of dentures. Whether the focus is looks, functionality or both, a crown can be the ideal solution.

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Making the crown

Before a crown can be made, we would normally take multiple impressions of the teeth.

However at Armada we have invested in a 3D intra-oral scanner. The high definition 3D scans of the tooth to be crowned, the surrounding teeth and the bite are sent electronically over a secure server to the dental laboratory.

No more messy and uncomfortable impressions!


Why our crowns?

  • Strong

  • Wonderful finish

  • Friendly dental surgery

  • Affordable treatment

  • Family-run clinic

  • Nearly 50 years' experience

  • GDC and BDA members

Give that tooth the regal treatment

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To enquire about our crown service, get in touch with Armada Dental Surgery using the details below.

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