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Ensure that your mouth is healthy and get in touch with our team at Armada Dental Surgery in Plymouth for a screening.

It pays to be vigilant

Mouth cancer rates are continually rising, with diagnoses up by a third on the previous decade. It's mainly men over the age of 40 who are affected but rates are nonetheless rising in both women and the young. As with other forms of cancer, the key to recovery is early detection. And that's what we offer at Armada Dental Surgery.

The screening process is very simple. We begin with an analysis of your overall oral health up to this point and use that to gauge the likelihood of cancer developing. We also perform an examination of your head and neck, as well as an internal examination of your mouth. Should we identify anything suspicious we'll urgently refer you to a specialist for further investigation. 

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The earlier the check, the better the chances

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Book a mouth cancer screening today. To enquire, contact our team using the details provided.

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